I created this random doodle back in 2011. It was a hot summer afternoon, in Gurugram, and the electricity was playing hide and seek. Tired of the constant disruption, I decided to take up this work. Three hours later, I had a smile on my face. Medium: Watercolour, sketchpen on canvas Form: Free flowing

Fall colours in a park. Painting by Minu Pandit

Natural Colours

I painted this picture using oil on canvas one of my first attempts with abstract painting based on a scene from nature.

Man In A Park

Ramdom Doodle

I drew this random doodle in 2013 on a rainy August afternoon.

Sketchpen on Canvas


Another one of my early experiments with a new medium: Sketchpen and paper.

Paint on Glass

Wine Bottle Reincarnated

One of my more recent creations, not only did I get to try a new medium, but also realized that they make excellent gifts!

Oil paint on canvas


I really loved creating this painting! This was one of my very first paintings that I completed when I had just finished my training.